Dear Mr. Postman.

Quite possibly, the most exhilarating part of my work day is when I make that journey from the studio to the post office.  I love visiting the PO clerks, if I make it before closing time; if not, I’m a WIZ at the Automated Postal Center.

It was the other day when I recognized, in the moment, just how much the post office means to me.  First of all, I’ve never had a bad experience with a Postperson.  In fact, beyond getting my important packages to their even more important destinations, some of the postpeople actually make an effort (it seems) to liven up my day.  With the characters waiting behind their respective PO windows, my wait has never been boring.

The counter itself is like a gateway to postal heaven---the clerks, its angels.  My favorites are the ones that you know have been there forever, like the sprightly yet cynical short fiery redhaired woman with academic glasses.  She could easily be viewed as the wiser, more intimidating person on the crew---she means business.  In reality, she’s the goofiest and most playful of them all, you just have to give her a chance.  Sometimes when I’m waiting in line, I cross my fingers that the heavens will open up and line it up perfectly so she’ll be my clerk.  With her wild red hair, her intense eyes, and rubber chicken bright yellow earrings (and crazy hat wearing near the holidays), I know I’m in for a wild checkout ride.  Most of all, she’s kind and it seems as if she truly enjoys her job.  I think she gets how important she and the whole post-office experience is to me. …I can see it in her smile when I’m walking away.

And then there’s that journey down the long post office hall when the pride sets in.  After passing my things off to the post office Angels, I feel like I’ve earned my little spot in post office heaven.  They know how hard I worked and they’re passing the product on to the next place.  They’ve guaranteed to take care of it from there on out---and they always do.


In that journey down the crisp post office hall, sometimes my feet  (depending on the type of shoes I wear), punctuate and trumpet my recent shipping victory...I feel as if the world has been lifted from my shoulders, every time.  Sometimes it’s as if I’ve been holding my breath and I can finally breathe again.

Insert:  Man, I love Portland!  I’m riding the bus right now and out of the North side windows, I see a boyish person (kinda nerdy looking….but cool) just come out of the coffee shop with an iced drink and proceed to get on his unicycle to go wherever he’s going.  (note: second time in one week that I’ve seen people traveling by one it.)Check out this cute Thank You card from a shop I just discovered on Etsy: Swieky it!

To great people, great post office experiences and great weekends!  Cheers!!

***Song of the Moment: The New Post Office, by Denis Cahill and Martin Hayes***

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