Take Time.

A friend and I had just left the studio.  We were in a rush because we'd worked up 3-(big)-pizza-slices-(each) appetites during the day and were ready to dive into a pie.  Trying not to get a ticket from negative consumption, I flew responsibly straight away from the shop. Immediately though, we were presented with this scene:


Saved by the stop sign, I slowed the car and asked Jen if she wouldn't mind us stopping for a moment to take in---(the perfect light, the puzzle-piece colors, the enchanting old warehouse building, the shapes, and the glorious sky with painted on clouds)...everything.  I scrounged for my camera which I've been accidentally, faithfully taking with me everywhere.


I captured it; we took time with it... and then took off to satiate our unapproving, impatient bellies.

I am never regretful when pausing for moments like those.  They are why I stay so busy.

***Song of the Moment: The Geese of Beverly Road, by The National***

Group 7