Building Up.

Awhile back, I took some photos of sweet downtown Portland---straight from the view of my mother and sister's hotel window.


I really like noticing things ---details, I've never noticed before.  I like how I'm always surprised and mesmerized by the things I don't know.  And then I get to know them a little more over time and then they become something else.   Portland looks and feels so differently to me now than the first time I saw it.  The same thing is true for people.


This is W's first stroll up the ladder he built (from scratch) for my studio.  I needed extra storage space---before I even had time to stress over it, W was finished with the high (awesome) shelf (also from scratch, with wood from the Rebuilding Center) and onto building the ladder from the bottom up.  DUDE!  Am I NOT the luckiest gal ever!?!  Now, practically everything in my shop was built by him (and me) and all were first time projects!  Do-It-Yourself, people!!...errrrr...OR with help from your partners!


Just like my relationships, Portland has grown and changed so much before my 3-year-old PDX eyes.  It's the same beautiful place, but full of feeling---beautiful memories and potential.  That makes a place look differently.  The details.  The small beautiful building up.

***Song of the Moment: El Zocalo, by Beirut***

Group 7