Daphne's Great Escape.

I have come to the painful realization that summer is quickly escaping my grasp; to my dismay, we will soon meet the warmth of the August sun, only to have it snatched away by fall colors and crisp air (Have you felt these past few summer nights? It's getting chilly out there.. brrrrrr!)


Enjoying the sunshine out in front of our shop.


Well, Daphne and I were talking about this "bummer in the summer" situation just the other day and she brought up a valid point. Just because summer is almost here and gone does not mean that our cute summer outfits have to disappear as well. Being the sharp gal that Daphne is, she demonstrated the perfect example of a dynamite outfit that will transition seamlessly into autumn -- just add a jean jacket, wool tights, and boots and you'll still be able to make some serious impact. See! Cute & Cozy!

What she's wearing:
Dress: Birch Tree Tank Dress by Make It Good
V-Neck: Bruna Baby Stripe Top by Market
Scarf: Infinity Scarf by Market Tote
Bag/Backpack: Alvar Bag by xobruno
Necklace: Nomad Necklace by betsy & iya

If Daphne had a head, she would wear the...

Treasure Pleasure Earrings: These drippy earrings are a sultry statement piece while still being delicate enough to work with the other accessories in Daph's outfit. MEOW.


High Shadow Earrings: These studs play nicely with the edgy vibe of the Make It Good tank dress and mimic the V-shape of the Market top. It's what I like to call "subtle sexy," y'all!


The Beam Earrings: Multiple complimentary blues in one outfit?! I say yes.


Do you have any clothing in your wardrobe that you wear year-round? Do you "luv to layer?" Post your comments and/or ideas for layering below! Ciao for now, Kelly ***Song of the moment: Go With You, by Toro y Moi***

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