Look at that: papers, coffee, TWO laptops! Wow.

We got a table! betsy & iya now has an official meeting place.  It only took us a year....


Only classy tables have metal plates.


Doing work.


But really... this is what our meetings are about. Jealous?


Gingham is getting in on the action too! Notebook and everything.


Even the couch got a raise!


I don't know about you guys, but I'm pretty excited about this.  Plus, the couch is so high my feet don't even touch the floor! I love when that happens; brings me back to my childhood. It's also a fun juxtaposition when I'm in serious-meeting-mode. That's all for now, everyone.  Just wanted to show you our pretty, super professional, U.S.E.D. (what we can only assume is the United Stated Education Department) table. Amory thinks having a table will only lead to even better decision making. I'd like to think so... ***Song of the moment: No Cars Go by Arcade Fire****