OOTD: Superfly!

You might remember Matt as that dapper gentleman slinging betsy & iya treasures at the Mississippi Street Fair the other week... But when Matt is not out and about making everyone swoon & giggle, he is in our Brick & Mortar shop blasting through The Span Hoops like a true champion.

In classic OOTD fashion, this morning I whipped out my camera, blasted some music, and swiftly documented Matt's swagger in all of its glory. Through the laughter and dancing that ensued, I not only started my Monday off right, but also learned a valuable lesson along the way -- the best way to start the day is with a big pot of coffee and some zany co-workers  (man, am I lucky enough to have both everyday as a member of the b&i team)! Matt + his mad-lib make for a great combination -- check em' out!


He may look serious but he is, in fact, having the time of his life.



Matt the Model.. Am I right??!!


As they say, "When in doubt, dance it out.


Featured Accessories:
-St. Johns Bridge Cuff
-Antiqued Night Watch Ring
-Watch:  TagHeuer
-Hat:  H&M
-Medium Messenger Bag: Goertzen (one of a kind leather bags, carried in our Brick and Mortar shop!!)

Have a groovy Monday & get down with your bad self! Love, Kelly ***Song of the Moment: Superfly, by Curtis Mayfield***

Group 7