Some things to come back for:



me and the reflection

New Photo Project:  TBA

Things I Like

Random Pop

You Got Style (fashion inspirations)

People Everyday (other people's outfits...I've stacked up quite a few) Outfits of the Days


In the Workshop (current b & i design stuff) Performing Arts (...the why behind the "Song of the Moment") Portland and Me I bet you didn't know... Today and Me Reflections (another photo project)


betsy & iya: the shop

I've loved sporadically sharing things with you here.  I'm just ready to stand more firmly.  Don't worry, it will still have that same impulsive spontaneous feeling, just with a bit more of a base.  My feet are planted now.

Look out for it.

***Song of the Moment: Walking, by The Dodos***

Group 7