The Workshop: coLLABorations.

(picture I took of Maple XO pieces from Radish Underground event ...Love Is In the Air)

It turns out that my Old Turns New line is super popular; I never even had the chance to add most of them to my online shop.  I have nearly sold out of the pieces I created for the Junk to Funk show and subsequent holiday events.  Radish was a HUGE champion of that work during the holidays and after...and I'm so thrilled by it all.  This line has shocked me out of ANYTHING ordinary---and i LOVE it.  I can't wait to make more.

In the spirit of sustainability, I'd like to introduce two folks whose work embodies that idea.   Two folks who truly inspire me and who I'd like to collaborate with one day:

1) Isaac B. Watson and his amazing Focal Length Designs.I WILL own one of his rad cuffs one day.  I am awed by his creative, agile mind and his infectous, positive attitude.  Every time I see him, he makes me feel happy.  Isaac and I have already been cooking up some steamy yum ideas together.  (Remember that men's jewelry line I mentioned...???)

speaking of collaboration...check out the amazing project he's working on with Etsy and local art school PNCAI Heart Art, Portland.  I'm sad that I won't be able to make the opening meet 'n' greet on February 26th, (because I'll be at the OLYMPICS..what!?)...but YOU should definitely go!

2) Lindsay Jo from Maple XO.

For 5 years, Lindsay Jo (a super betty skateboarder), has transformed old, otherwise useless, skateboards into fine fine pieces of jewelry.  I looooove the bangles she makes!  We sat next to each other at the Radish Underground event, where we were making custom jewelry for Valentine's Day and well...we sort of...fell in love (in a fellow-crafy-jewelry-maker-on-valentine's kind of way).

I'm so excited about the possibility of working with these two geniuses one day.  I'll definitely let you know when the magical meetings occur.

In the meantime...Happy Tuesday!

***Song of the Moment: The House with Two Front Doors, by The Finches***


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