Something that gives us a lot of pride here at betsy & iya is our involvement in our community. We feel so lucky to do what we love every day, and to be surrounded by a team that is hardworking, kind, and talented. We find a lot of joy in channeling our passion and energy through other ventures. Whether that takes the form of sponsorships (hello, Rose City Rollers!), donations, or company volunteering, we’re always in awe of the people we meet and support.

betsy & iya at the Rose City rollers

We often mention our Core Values - our list of what we try to do and how we try to live so we can be our best selves. Embracing these values and going the extra step to make them a part of our lives feels just about as rewarding as it gets. These two core values, in particular, resonate with us as we take part in our community:

BE A GOOD HUMAN by genuinely caring about and contributing to the well-being of ourselves, our co-workers, our customers, and our community. Practice kindness, compassion, gratitude, graciousness, humility, generosity, positivity, warmth, friendliness, and confidence. Respect each other and the space. Say things like: hello, goodbye, bless you, salud, thank you, you’re welcome, how can I help you?, have a great day!, etc–and mean it.

GO BEYOND not only in our work, but within and outside of our community. We source materials and products ethically, donate our time and resources to help our neighbors, city, and country whenever we can, and attempt to be as sustainable as we can by creating as little waste as possible.  

We try to exemplify these (and our other) Core Values as often as we can, and look for ways to pull our community and customers in too. When we donated to Hollywood Theater/Movie Madness, we didn't just donate to their kickstarter. We also made and sold pins and donated those profits towards Hollywood Theater and Movie Madness in support of their mission. We put our skills to use in aiding a member of our Portland community, and called upon our friends and customers to support something near and dear to us. The perfect storm.

betsy & iya Movie Madness Pins

In 2017, we were fortunate enough to donate to a large number of companies and causes. 

We helped Portland Community Gardens take down blackberry bushes that were taking over their gardens. They strive for equality, opportunity, and community with their gardens - there are over 53 across Portland, all developed and operated by volunteers. We’re happy even our small contribution could allow more people access to the beautiful spaces Portland Community Gardens has created.

betsy & iya at Portland Community Gardens

In 2017, we donated jewelry to raffles and fundraisers, and supported the arts, female empowerment, and international aid endeavors, to name just a few areas. All in all, we donated over $10,000. The full list of our involvement (see below!) makes us proud beyond belief, and we can't wait to do it all again this year.

Oregon College of Art and Craft, Girls on the Run, Oswego Playschool, St. John Fisher School, March of Dimes, Ohana Oasis, Northwest Children's Theater, Holy Cross Catholic School, Girls Inc. of the Pacific NW, SOLVE, Bridger Elementary School Auction, St. Cecilia School, Community Vision, The International School, One Tail at a Time, Rose City Neighborhood Preschool, Montessori School of Beaverton, Riverview Community Church Kalama, mission to haiti, Multnomah Playschool’s 25th Annual Fundraising Auction, Holy Redeemer Catholic School, CASA for Children of Multnomah, Washington, & Columbia Counties, Camp Lutherwood - Bellingham WA, Hayhurst Elementary - Portland, Kalama High School Leadership, Lewis & Clark Law School- Public Interest Law Project, AIA (American Institute of Architects) Benefit for Dress for Success, IamMore Auction Portland, JDRF Hope Gala, Skyline Elementary School, Girls Build PDX, 2018 Irvington School Auction, Winterhaven K-8 public School PTSA, St. Matthew Lutheran Preschool, Le Monde French Immersion school's La Fête, Ride Connection's 2017 Going Places Gala, Paint the Town Red- ALS Auction, BodyVox, Oak Creek Elementary PTO, IRCO, Access Academy, Astor School PTA, The Carl Preschool, The Dougy Center Reflection Benefit, PPS - Creative Science School, The Ainsworth Foundation, Red Ball, BBPDX for Street Roots, Save Movie Madness/Hollywood Theatre, Healthcare for All, American Cancer Society, Fred Meyer River West Church for Refuge, Wikimedia 


2 thoughts on betsy & iya Community Involvement

nick :

hi! i read with much interest about your community work and donations. fantastic commitment to help oregonians and very impressive range of support of local nonprofits. i am a big fan of your jewelry/store, and this involvement means so much to the portland area and people in need.

side note… do you ever review and consider other local nonprofits?

my partner and i founded the homeless youth law clinic and i thought i’d share a little information with you.

i am a devoted shopper at your store and a big fan of betsy & iya. i hope you will read on and perhaps consider HYLC. thank you!

HYLC relies on a community lawyering model where clients are the experts.

Established in 2014 as a volunteer project to increase youth’s access to justice and a 501c3 nonprofit, HYLC offers weekly clinic events. There is no fee for our services. Case managers refer youth to HYLC, youth find us by word of mouth or through other social service agencies.

We serve any youth, ages 14 to 27, experiencing homelessness who has no access to justice or legal services.

The more common legal concerns encountered with youth include expungements, housing, family/custody, debt relief/consumer, searching for one’s biological parent, immigration and education among other areas.

So far in 2018 HYLC has served 41 clients with 68 legal issues. We are helping former foster care youth with various legal issues, providing emergency services to runaway youth in crisis, preventing evictions, addressing immigration questions, ensuring youth are safe, have access to benefits such as SSI/food stamps/OHP, and quashing warrants. We are also providing free expungement clinics twice a month at Transition Projects.

HYLC has served almost 300 youth with 487 legal issues since 2014!

Thank you for your consideration!

April 30 2018 at 11:04 AM

Will (betsy & iya):

Hi Nick!

We’re always happy to consider donating to more local non-profits! Please drop us a line here; just select Charity or Donation Request from the subject drop down:


July 11 2018 at 02:07 PM

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