betsy & iya at the Rose City Rollers!

betsy & iya at the Rose City Rollers!

Meet the betsy & iya roller derby team!

betsy & iya at the Rose City Rollers game

Okay, just kidding, we're not forming a team, but aren't our intimidating faces good?

We had a blast watching the Rose City Roller ladies compete on Friday, March 9th. Rose City Rollers is a league of roller derby teams - teams with names like Wheels of Justice and the Breakneck Betties. We sponsor them now, and jumped at the chance to see some bouts!

Rose City Rollers Logo

There are so many reasons we're excited to sponsor the Rose City Rollers. They describe themselves as a league "made up of over 400 smart, tough, accomplished women who skate fast, hit hard, and defy stereotypes about female athletes and women’s sports." In and out of skates, they help women and girls realize their power, their leadership abilities, and the value of teamwork and camaraderie. 

When we take a look at their core values, they are strikingly similar to ours. They encourage skaters to "bring your best self and trust others to do the same", while we say "be your best, expect the best". They're all about respecting the game, each other, and embracing differences and it should come as no surprise that we are too.

How could we not fall in love with this league that is run by women, supports women, and encourages strength and confidence in every aspect of life? The exhilaration of their bouts and crazy world that is roller derby is an added bonus to the thoughts and actions that go on behind-the-scenes.

the betsy & iya Ocaso Hoops in action at the Rose City Rollers

We loved seeing Rocket Mean, aka Kim Stegeman (Executive Director of the RCR), rocking the Ocaso Hoops at the stadium! 

We'd like to think our team spirit and betsy & iya jewelry led our team to a win...  199-159, baby!

Rose City Rollers bout score

If you've never gotten yourself to a game, go check one out. You'll have a blast cheering on one of our teams, and you'll get to see women being fearless and badass. You may even be inspired to come up with a derby name of your own.

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