Barrie & Kelly's One Year b&i Anniversary.

Barrie and I have been working for betsy & iya for a year, a WHOLE calendar year! And we honestly could not ask for a better job. From staying up deliriously late to take photos.. betsy and iya portland oregon jewelry behind the scenes photo shoot to honing in our Barrie+Kelly power suits for serious business meetings... kelly-+-barrie-at-betsy-iya Barrie & I found a place where we could do the things we love: wear pretty jewelry, laugh & talk fashion with customers, and hang out with Gingham Macpherson. And as the days, weeks, months have passed we have been able to do SO much more… Now we get to hang out with TWO dogs!!!! Muahahaha! gingham and maurice betsy and iya Okay but seriously, being a part of the betsy & iya team for the last year has opened our eyes to the passionate world of small businesses. We see the love, work, and dedication that go into Betsy’s designs (I mean literally, we see it being made by a team of talented & hilarious makers). We are so thankful to have bosses who work as hard as they do but still laugh hysterically, create alternate personas, and give rounds of applause on an daily basis. We also love being able  to help people find the perfect piece of jewelry to go with an outfit they just picked out, or find that gift that says "I love you" AND "You're a Magical Unicorn Pony" all at the same time. And we never get tired when a customer says, “Wow, this place is so cool! I want everything in here.” We hear you sister… Us. Too! Barrie & I  feel so proud and lucky to be a part of this family and have the honor of watching betsy & iya grow and flourish. Cheers to seeing all the beautiful things that will happen next. Love, Kelly & Barrie ***Song of the Moment: White Shoes by Conor Oberst & the Mystic Valley Band***
Group 7