Outfit of the Day: Funky Floral Fresh.

When Kate walked in with this outfit, the first words that left my mouth were, "WHAT?! Let me get that camera, girl! You're my outfit of the day!" She absolutely killed it in this futuristic, bold look. Perfect homage to the insanely beautiful spring weather we've had these past few days. Portland_Street_Style_Betsy_and_iya_Jewelry_Boutique_Outfit_Of_the_Day betsy_and_iya_color_pantone_outfit_inspiration Portland_Street_Style_Betsy_and_iya_Jewelry_Boutique_Spring_Outfit Portland_Street_Style_Betsy_and_iya_Jewelry_Boutique_style_inspiration Portland_Street_Style_Betsy_and_iya_Jewelry_Boutique_FLoral_Dress



Bright Floral Petunia Dress and Black Disco Socks by Forever 21

Shimmery Silver Oxford Shoes by Cole Haan

Silver Fremont Cuff by betsy & iya

Starting now I'm pulling out my dresses & skirts and I'm never looking back! Even if the weather decides to disagree.



***Song of the Moment: You Don't Own Me by Lesley Gore***

Group 7