Maurice came to us from Portland's Underdog Railroad Rescue: a wonderful organization for dog rescue and adoption. If you're interested in dog adoption, I highly recommend getting in touch with them. Maurice was rescued with years of matted hair, literally separating from his skin, and a double ear infection that would make any living thing go mad. He was in very bad shape, in serious pain, yet there remained not a mean bone in his body. He wagged his tail all the way from California to Oregon and then found his way into our lives. He is one of the most loving things I have ever known. Had I not seen the horrible before pics and heard the back story, there is absolutely no way I would have believed this little guy wasn't just showered with love all of his life. His little doggie strength and courage inspire the heck out of me.Maurice: before and after. Maurice: before and after.


Best friends. Best friends.


Brother or boyfriend? We call him Gingham's brofriend! Brother or boyfriend? We call him Gingham's brofriend!


Perfect betsy & iya models. Perfect betsy & iya models.


Frogger. Frogger.


Remember when I said there was a time in my life when I was NOT an animal personGingham really changed that for me. Now, with Maurice, I'm straight up turning into a crazy dog woman. Our days do not begin without a proper snuggle with our two fluffy kids. And really...I can't imagine it any other way. Love~betsy ***Song of the Moment: When You Were Mine, by Prince***

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