A-MAZE-ing Good Times.

We've done some fun all-staff activities this year: we learned to salsa, we went rollerskating, and now we can say that we've screamed like scared children together. Yep, we braved the Haunted Corn Maze at Bella Organic Farm on the Friday before Halloween (perfect timing!). Our October quarterly staff event was planned by our Retail team (Suzy, Anna S., Elizabeth, Sara, Tess) and was the perfect way to kick off the holiday weekend. Before we left, we made sure to fill our stomachs with delicious food from the new-ish New Seasons Market near our shop. After all, if we got lost in the maze we wanted to make sure we'd have enough fuel to live on for as long as possible.

Spoooooooky, right?!

Luckily, we all survived, but not without a few screams and jumps. You know, it really builds camaraderie to be in a terrifying situation, with only your coworkers to rely on. Who else are you going to grasp when a masked monster jumps out from corn stalks? Yeah, major bonding moment.

Barrie, Betsy, and Anna R. will never pass up a photo op.

The whole group + lots of pumpkins! Shout out to the kind stranger who took our photo. 

The best part of the week after Halloween? CANDY AT WORK!

Big thanks to retail for planning such a fun evening!

Hope you all had a very Happy Halloween 2015,


Group 7