A Capsule Wardrobe... for earrings!

A Capsule Wardrobe... for earrings!

Capsule wardrobes have been making the rounds on Pinterest for a few seasons now, and since we're always super up-to-date on trends we decided it was time to make one for your earring collection.

The capsule includes essential styles that will get you through any earring emergency (do those exist? Yes.) and help figure out what can be #regifted as you're KonMari-ing your closet. We know, we know, it's all about Swedish death cleaning now.


betsy & iya Ocaso Hoops

The Statement Hoop

How badass do you feel when you put on a big pair of hoops and strut out the door? If you’ve never tried it, we highly recommend it. Big earrings are the true magic touch to completing an outfit. Even the simplest attire gets bumped up a level when you add some cool hoops.

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betsy & iya mini geometric triangle studs

The Geometric Mini

Some days call for more restraint. Restraint, however, doesn’t have to mean boring. Rock some cute geometric studs that add a pop of interest and shine to whatever you’re wearing. Wearing a statement necklace? Pop on your studs for the perfect jewelry complement.

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betsy & iya svasta earrings

The Minimalist Bar

Minimalist jewelry will always have a place in any wardrobe. Simple yet statement-making, these bars make you feel 100x cooler and classier.

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betsy & iya mini koa hoops

The Mixed-Metal Hoop

Do you prefer silver? Or gold? Bronze? Brass? Honestly, why would you ever pick a fave when you can have it all? Mixed-metal earrings are the perfect choice to make sure your earrings will always go with the rest of your jewelry. Feeling brassy today? These earrings have you covered. Wanna rock silver cuffs? They’ll match perfectly.

Shop the Mini Koa hoops (shown above)


betsy & iya salta earrings sterling silver

The Dangly Pendant

Every earring-wearer needs a dangly pendant in their jewelry box. Break ‘em out for special occasions or rock them on the reg, but know they’ll feel just as flirty and fun each time you put them on.

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betsy & iya lappland studs

The Colorful Stud

Bring some color into the mix! Sometimes you wake up and need a dose of color stat. Pigmented little studs will brighten up any outfit or day, no matter how dreary.

Shop the Lappland stud earrings (shown above)


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