How to deal with an Earrmergency

How to deal with an Earrmergency

Here's a situation: You just got back from a nice dinner out after a long day at work. You're getting ready for bed, and begin to take your earrings out. But - what's this? You only have one of your beloved earrings in?? You search frantically around your house, the car, the hall between your car and the house. Maybe it's at work? The restaurant? But to no avail. The earring is gone. This is an emergency! No, it's... it's... it's an earrmergency.

pairs and half-pairs of betsy & iya jewelry

The disappearance of a single precious earring from your carefully curated jewelry collection is hard to deal with. You don't want to entirely let go because you still have half the pairWe get it! And we're here to help.

If you lose a single betsy & iya earring, let us know! If it's a style we're still producing, we'll happily make you a half pair for half the cost of the full set. You can come by and talk to us about it if you're local, and if you live far away, we can send you an earring in the mail.

Reach out through our Contact Us, we'll get your earrings reunited and your jewelry box will be full once again! Earrmergency no more.

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