Our top tips and tricks for displaying betsy & iya jewelry! 

1. Double Duty Jewelry Display

No, you're not seeing double! Hanging or arranging two pairs of each item (earrings in the photo above and bracelets below) draws in people from the street without diminishing the experience for shoppers already inside. Bonus: displaying the same item facing inside and out makes it easy for customers to find what they're looking for after previewing through the window.

betsy & iya jewelry display neva earrings

betsy & iya jewelry display makou cuffs

2. Stacking Ring Mania

With so many adorable stacking rings, one wonders how to keep them all corralled.  Our solutions: constrain the scatter to a cool stone slab with beautiful texture, or pop the rings in a little white dish. Both displays send signals that these little guys don't like being alone (in your shop or on their hand).

betsy & iya jewelry display stacking rings 

3. Organize by Size

Displaying your rings in order of size lets customers easily find the right fit. It's like Goldilocks IRL: "This ring is too small. This ring is too big. Good thing they're organized by size so I know which one to try on next!"

betsy & iya rings jewelry display 

4. Give Visual Styling Tips

Hanging jewelry in pairs gives you a perfect opportunity to show off stylish combinations, like our Neva earrings and Sona necklace (left) and the Nilo and Soltura (right). Show customers how to create an effortless look by pairing big with small, long with short, and bold with delicate pieces.

betsy & iya jewelry display earring and necklace pairings

5. Dazzle with Your Displays

Using aesthetically pleasing hooks, nails, and organizers will take your jewelry displays to the next level. We created a Home Collection with products that do just that. Every piece of jewelry you display gives you the chance to add personality and life to your store. Small details tie a space together making it a place customers will want to spend even more time in. 

betsy & iya half moon jewelry organizerPictured: Our betsy & iya Half Moon Storage Organizer, crafted by hand in our Portland, Oregon studio (available retail and wholesale).

6. Unleash the power of the pyramid!

With an arrangement of this type, you can hang two of all items. This can be super helpful when there's a crowd at the same display, or you're stuck at the register for a prolonged period, unable to re-stock the floor.

betsy & iya pyramid earring display

7. Get a celeb to model

What better way to display your jewelry than showing how it can actually be worn? Mannequins display how jewelry can be mixed, matched, and worn effortlessly. Daphne here can dazzle passers-by on the street with her poise and draw them in with her sharp sense of style and kick-ass accessories.

betsy & iya mannequin jewelry display 
Share your own jewelry display tips & tricks in the comments below!

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