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Renna is that winding journey we find ourselves on at many points in our lives. It’s the secret beach you discover just off the beaten path. It’s the undulating hand riding the breeze outside the car window on the sun-filled road trip. Renna honors the youth within us all, play, and carefree confidence. Renna is curvy.

Renna embodies the lighthearted. Betsy chiseled her way into the depths of a woman's strength, courage, and resilience with Forti and now resurfaces with Renna as a playful and lighter exploration of womanhood. It’s bubbles, big hair, and dirty fingernails. It’s closing your eyes, holding hands, and jumping together. Renna is the waves coming in and the waves moving out. Renna is breath, freckles, and presence. Renna is being here and going there. Renna is flow.