It's about more than metal and stones.

It's about your unique story. And your story deserves high standards. Our materials are traceable, recycled, and conflict-free. And all our jewelry is designed, tested, and crafted by real humans who care right here in our Portland studio.

From unique solitaire rings to gold earrings, necklaces, & bracelets crafted to exacting standards to wedding bands and handmade engagement rings you won't find everywhere – our products are Beautiful things made by people who care.®

Each piece begins with this care so that it can become more – a reflection of your deepest feelings, an object that aligns with your values, something that brings you back to what matters most. Your story. Metal and stones are only a starting place, not the end.


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Ethical Materials

Traceable, Recycled, and Conflict-free. And that's just the beginning.

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How to care for your jewelry at home. And when to let us help.

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Care Plans

This is why we can have nice things. Protect your purchase on auto-pilot.

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