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Cast bronze vertical pendant necklace with silver chain.Model wears the 30" Olandia necklace with a Taznakte top from Tienda Ho. The Olandia has a bronze rectangular bar strung on a sterling silver chain.
A pair of rectangular, cast-bronze stud earrings, decorated in our Mexico colorway, with a gradient of rich teal and red paint. Hand-crafted in Portland, Oregon. Betsy & iya Lappland stud earrings in the vibrant Mexico colorway, pictured on the profile of a model with dark hair pulled into a ponytail.
Minimal, curved, cast-bronze pendant, affixed to a sterling silver chain, with a hand-formed sterling silver clasp and closure. Hand-crafted in Portland, Oregon. The 18 inch Humboldt Moon necklace, pictured on the profile of a model wearing betsy & iya bronze Alameda hoop earrings, a chambray top, and orange lipstick.
Kacie RingBy Betsy & Iya
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betsy & iya Fremont Bridge cuff with triangular geometric cutouts.betsy & iya Fremont Bridge Cuff bracelet
Gold wide band brass metal ring.A woman holds hands up to camera, modeling different versions of the betsy & iya night watch wide band ring.
Handcrafted earrings with three dangling curved brass spikes.Deadly Nightshade earrings
betsy & iya Sly Night earrings with oxidized brass. Black and brass geometric earrings on silver earwire.betsy & iya Sly Night earrings with oxidized brass. Black and brass geometric dangly earrings on silver earwire.
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betsy & iya Black Root earrings with gold brass and black chevrons.A model wears the black root mixed metal earrings by betsy & iya.
Brass earrings with cascading chevron patterns by betsy & iya.Model wearing betsy & iya Geometric Leaf Drop earrings.
betsy & iya Big Amour necklace with non-oxidized finish.Model shot of betsy & iya Big Amour necklace.
Simple gold dangle earrings with silver ear wires.betsy & iya Kacie Drop dangly brass earrings
Bright golden deco shapes dangle from silver ear wires.betsy & iya Leafy Deco dangly earrings in shiny brass