What We Like: Grandpa Sweaters.

Ya know something? Grandpas are having a fashion moment. Gone are the days of these men being thought of as curmudgeonly fellows, fond of ill-timed jokes and always smelling like a unique blend of stale coffee and mothballs. It's time to appreciate G'pas for something they rarely get props for: their style. Specifically, I'm talking about the cozy knits that Grandpas are often spotted wearing in the cooler months (or, always). Kinda perfect, right? Often colorful and equipped with functional features such as buttons and pockets, Grandpa Sweaters have quickly risen to my most loved item for everyday wear this fall. They're warm, provide easy access to phones/chap sticks/other pocket-sized items, and when thrown over a dress or button up, are totally work appropriate (especially for those freezing cubicle climates). Sorry Macklemore, this trend has been around way before you decided to hit the thrift shop. If you look in your closet and find an absence of these cozy cardigans & chunky sweaters than look no further, we've done the work for you: betsy and iya_grandpa sweaters

1. Cowl Neck Sweater by American Apparel

2. Fisherman Sweater by Twenty-Seven Names from Summerland

3. Columbiaknit Cardigan by Bridge & Burn

4. Cable Boyfriend Sweater by Gap

5. X'Elias Pocket Sweatshirt by Carhartt Work In Progress

6. Sweater by Pendleton Portland Collection

7. Keep It Cool Cardigan by Wildfang

8. Bethel Woods Shawl Cardi by Steven Alan

9. The Keith sweater by Saturdays from Machus

 ***You can find these images & more on our Pinterest page.***

And of course there is always the ever-faithful Goodwill or thrift shop for a true Grandpa sweater, or better yet, your Grandpa's closet! I'll leave you all with this:     Thanks for knowing how to rock the G-pa sweater right, Ryan.   Grandpahugs? Barrie ***Song of the moment: The Man Who Sold the World by Nirvana***
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