#Instagram Roundup.

Our unfiltered opinion on the pics that make us double-tap with delight: InstaRoundup1 1. @harbersbazaar_ru Throwback to an October 1947 cover image 2. @verameat I'm always looking for new, innovative ways to display jewelry. There's only so many times I can see a bangle on a wrist before I start to get bored, no matter how compelling the design might be. File this under: Wish I'd Thought of That. 3. @beyonce Loving & successful husband? Adorable toddler? Compelling Instagram? IS THERE ANYTHING BEYONCE DOESN'T HAVE?! Srsly though, I totally want to have one of these portable gram frames at our next betsy & iya event. Stay tuned. 4. @anothermagazine Fun image, but I for one would nevahhhh risk getting a grease stain on my Chanel! 5. @xtabayliz Portland's Xtabay Vintage posts a steady flow of lust-worthy garments from yesteryear. This would be my ultimate dream New Year's Eve dress. Or maybe even wedding dress. #lookinlikeIrobbedLiberace 6. @nylonmag Thanks to Lacey for alerting me to this mini boom box phone case that I now must have. Always hitting that refresh button, Anna ***Song of the Moment: T.O.Y by Aan***
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