Video Killed the Radio Star.

Hey!  I'm back!  This weekend and beginning week has been exhaustingly exhilarating.  SB is in town among other old friends; we're rediscovering the city, keeping up with orders, AND...doing some still photography for a music video?? Seriously.  It is as cool as it sounds.


I remember when I first moved to Portland a few years ago---fresh out of graduate school, no job, a little depressed, watching LOST episodes for hours/days on end, but mostly taken with the amount of coolness that seemed to run rampant in this town.   At the tipping point of that cool was a little band named, Blitzen Trapper.  One of my first good times in Portland involved BT.  W and I had become fast friends with their mad-skilled drummer through a wild connection web that involved a great gal from Buffalo, me, California and some hysterical clowns.    We'd heard B talk about their music and listened to a few different albums, but the modest Towne Lounge that night would be our first live experience.  We all had SO much fun---climbing on booths, laughing, being generally riDICulous, listening to great music, and taking loads of  uncool pictures.  At that point, I don't think any of us knew just how big BT would get.


Skip ahead 3(ish) years, they've written and produced a few more albums (2 of which have sprung forward with critical acclaim), been signed to Sub Pop records, gone on multiple Ameri-Euro tours, and all seem to be making a living doing what they love.  (Insert: just this morning I was in a waiting room and picked up a recent (older) Rolling Stones magazine where I was reminded that "Furr" was voted #FOUR for 2008 top songs. WHAT!?!!)  What's better is they seem like the same unassuming folks I saw in that small, sweet, PDX venue years ago.  B (their drummer and the dude pictured above and below) is definitely the same old, insanely talented, awesomely sweet, humble and goofy dude.


AND NOW they're making wildly awesome music videos with other insanely awesome PDX folks.  GEEZ, I might yak from talent overload!

My friend, D, was asked to write and direct their next music video.  He is also one to be reckoned with...I'M SO LUCKY these people are in my life.  Good friends, J & T, created and made 60 + masks (from scratch, btw) for a special scene in the video (a bunch of our friends banned together to help reach deadlines on this one)---wowza!


And D pulled me in last minute to be the dedicated still photographer.  WHAT!?  I was so flattered and thrilled that he wanted to take my dabbling to the next level.  It was the perfect punch out of my mini-depression/self-pity turn last week.  I went into the weekend with bouncy legs and finished the shoot yesterday with a huge grin on my face, the highest of spirits and fresh inspiration to carry me through.

Without revealing too much, here are a few favorites from the weekend.



This last one was taken on the first day of the shoot.  The weather was enviable; the sun, my closest friend.  I am so grateful for moments of spontaneity and jolts of oh-yeah-my-life-is-actually-quite-amazing-duh.


I hope your weeks are bright and your days, thoughtful.

If you haven't heard their music---run, don't walk over here.  I also, highly recommend a live show.  I, myself, am debating the Sasquatch Festival this year.  I about had a heartattack when I saw the lineup this year.  Some of my alltime favorites are gonna be there (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, M. Ward, Of Montreal, The DoDos, Erykah Badu, Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, Mos Def, AND Tim & Eric Awesome show great job...dying a little here).

You better believe I'll be posting a link to the video as soon as it's ready.  Lookout.

***Song of the Moment: Lady on the Water, by Blitzen Trapper***

Group 7