...been spending lots of necessary catchup time with the little dutch queen---enjoying springtime, frolicking like babes down little pink paths, throwing gobs of feathery petals, walking on our tip toes and giggling a little too late in the evening.


I really really like good friends.  I also really like pink petals and the sun.  and bright blue in the green Portland springtime.


***Song of the Moment: Looking For Astronauts, by The National***

4 thoughts on The Little Pink Path.


Beautiful pictures!

October 05 2016 at 09:10 PM

joy white:

Just this morning I was standing outside with a cup of coffee looking at the delicate pink petals that had fallen to the ground. They are beautiful.

October 05 2016 at 09:10 PM

cabin + cub:

They are so pretty! I love when all the streets are covered in pink petals.

October 05 2016 at 09:10 PM


I’m so glad you put this post together. For the past couple weeks, when I’d been in town, I’d been marveling at all of the gorgeous tree litter in Portland. I love that you documented it here. This town is too darn pretty.

October 05 2016 at 09:10 PM

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