It's the most wonderful time of the year! NEW betsy & iya jewelry is here: please share in our excitement as we reveal our Unu Collection. betsy & iya Unu collection Materials used in this 17- piece collection of earrings, rings, bangles, and necklaces include sterling silver, heavy gold plating (goodbye, tarnish!), hand-spun fiber, as well as signature betsy & iya metals brass and bronze. It's available to shop online RIGHT NOW and in-store Wednesday, Sept. 3rd, 2015. "For me, design is a balancing act with a point of view. I approached this latest work wanting to breathe new life into classic, everyday pieces" said Betsy reflecting her inspiration for this collection. "I challenged myself to strike the right balance of bold shapes and textures that stand out just enough. It was a back and forth of putting an edge on something and smoothing it, softening it, while not losing the edge. I'm proud of the result- a collection that is feminine, classic, decorative, but simple, versatile, bold.  It's like a quiet shout, a firework in the fog." Yeah, I'm still obsessed with visualizing a firework in the fog, too. This understated glamour, contrasting materials, and reinvention of classic styles is quintessential betsy & iya. Unu pieces are stunners on their own, and also pair so freaking well with each other, as well as other betsy & iya jewelry. We're so ready to hear from our peeps: please let us know what you think of the new collection! And once you've decided on what piece(s)  you can't live without, share with us on social media using #unucollection. Round of applause for Ms. Cross, please! xo Anna