Birthdays at betsy & iya.

If you follow us on Instagram (which, BTW, you totally should), you know that we take celebrating birthdays very seriously. We're coming off a summer surge of birthdays, starting with Alyssa, Amory, and Gaby in June, and continuing with Shea, Tess, and Will in August, and each time one comes and goes, I'm reminded of how awesome it is we have someone here that truly spoils us on our special day. betsy & iya life

The Boss Lady, looking so adorably happy on Sept. 10th, 2014

Since before I started, Barrie has provided every staff member with a custom homemade baked good on his/her birthday. Tailored to our respective dietary needs and taste preferences, it's not unlikely to see avacados, almond flour, and applesauce among ingredients of these one-of-a-kind treats.

betsy & iya staff

Clockwise from top left: Tess, Shea, Amory, Will, Barrie - who we showered with her favorite Pip's Donuts this year - and me

Birthdays are obviously special on their own, but Barrie's baking tradition makes betsy & iya birthdays extra sweet (literally). Not only does her treat make the birthday guy/gal feel extra special, it also turns it into a day we all look forward to celebrating. Thank you, Barrie! <3

The dogs don't get a sweet treat because duh, but I couldn't resist a picture of Maurice on his "re-birthday" last year (the anniversary of his adoption). 

We love sharing these birthday moments with our people; just don't ask us to share any of the treats, ok? ;-)

May all your birthdays include a cake,


Group 7