Two Words: Mother's Day.

It's soon, y'all: May 8, 2011 is straight up MOTHER'S DAY.   So, let's get started.  You love your mom and you want to let her know by buying her some betsy & iya jewelry.  That's great news!  You're very wise.  But with so much to choose from, where do you start!?  Friends, I'm here to help.  Read on.


Betsy made these in honor of her mom: the Charlotte's Grace earrings.


First of all: how much do you love your mom?  It's important to put a clear and distinct dollar amount on this.  Remember the first rule of love: Quantify, quantify, quantify!  Once you've got a number, Mom will know where she stands, where she's gotta improve if she wants to level up next year, and you'll know that the gift will be a perfect match for the degree of love. With that in mind, a few helpful "Love-Level Links" follow: Jewelry under $100 Jewelry under $50 Jewelry under $35 Jewelry under $20 Perhaps another way to approach the question is to determine if your mother falls into one of these helpful categories: elegant, foxy, or everyday.  If she does, well LOOKY here!  More links! Elegant jewelry Foxy jewelry Everyday jewelry You may be thinking "But how will I know how much my mom is worth if I go this route?"  Never fear.  You will still be able to send a strong message about where mom needs to step it up.  Is she foxy?  Well, maybe she should work a little more at being everyday and elegant. Of course, all our jewelry comes in a hand stamped betsy & iya stowage tin.  Wow, right!? 


Great for storing your jewelry and M&Ms.


Want to know something else about moms?  They love coupons.  This is doubly good for you because (1) Mom gets an instant upgrade to her Love Level, and (2) our current sale is still on!  Check out our Facebook Fan Coupons page for the discount code to save $20 on all orders over $40.  Once we hit 2,500 Facebook fans it's done, so get in soon. HAPPY WEEKEND, EVERYBODY!!! ***Song of the Moment: Animal, by Miike Snow***

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