Outfit of the Day: I'm back.

Y'ALL!  (btw, used to say this word all the time, somehow I lost it, but our Southern-tour road trip reignited it and I'm bringing it BACK).  So...this post is all about bringing things back. Several months (er...a year?) ago, I asked my dear readers what were their favorite parts of my blog.  Two most popular things:  1) Songs of the moments and 2) Outfits of the Days. Well, I've kept up the bargain with Songs of the Moments, but I've completely neglected the OOTDs. I'm going to try and change that, starting today.  I *hope* to give you at least one OOTD per week.  That's my goal. Shirt:  Artisan shirt from Campeche, purchased in a rad Mexico City mercado. Pants: Leggings from Nordstrom. Socks: local favorite Sock Dreams. Scarf: local Sloan boutique. Earrings: betsy & iya. Boots: Frye. Dog: Gingham Macpherson Cervarich.

In the early days, it was just me, but now I have a partner in this blog (+ this business, this life) and we are dedicated to keeping it alive---because we love doing it.   So we're in the process of amping it up a little, of deciding what our favorite topics are and how we want to deliver them to you.  We're even in the process of naming the blog. What are some of your favorite topics?  names? Thanks for hanging with us this far! xo~betsy ***Song of the Moment: Moth's Wings, by Passion Pit***
Group 7