The Lipstick Factor

Today I am nothing but a shower and some rouge. THAT =
I've recently discovered the power of lipstick. I never fully understood before. In fact, I have never really liked lipstick. Sure, I felt pretty when I'd paint my lips in the past, but it was almost a nuisance. Anyhow, we're going way beyond pretty here, folks. This is about strength and survival; this is about saving, well...face.
When you're super busy and have little time for yourself and need to be presentable, you might try your little rouge friend. Find your BEST rouge friend and keep her close by your side. I'm telling you, when you've not even had a chance to prepare yourself properly for the day (slash: shower), don't panic. Just reach in your purse, fanny pack, pocket, market bag, bra, etc, and pull out your rouge, carefully apply and with a quick fluff of your hair, bizam!, you'll look like a million bucks. It's subtle, but intentional. What's more: you'll feel like a hot sweet homemade Dutch pancake (with REAL maple syrup) and really that's the most important thing. I've used this factor many times in the past few weeks. It has saved me. Also also!! Check out my new ring experiment. This one reminds me of the thrifty art finds at the weekend mercados in Mexico City. I'll soon be drawing a bead at the top and sides for a more finished style. Look out for these after the holidays. I'm so busy right now that I can't throw too much newness out there, but I do want to tease you as much as I can so you'll be ready for the real thing. ***Song of the Moment: Heartbeats by The Knife***
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