FULL Capacity

Disclaimer: After reading this post, you might feel tense. Please go sit down, drink a glass of cool water and take a deep breath. I cannot be held responsible for the stress you absorb. Please don't sue me. The only thing, really, that I could give you are a few pairs of GREAT earrings. You should just buy those for yourself for a self-holiday present and then give yourself a self-highfive. If you want a more delightful post, please scroll down and read another. I really really like you guys. Please come back. Long delay in postings...I didn't go away, I just got REALLY busy. This is a good thing. When we first met, my awesome business advisors asked me when I might be at "full capacity". Even though the phrase is pretty straightforward, I really had no clue what they were asking. Today, I understand in the most emphatic way. Let me explain: I have 7 orders that should leave the studio today. WHAT!?!! SE-VEN (wholesale and retail orders). ouch, but not ouch? I LOVE what I'm doing and I'm really happy that other people love what I'm doing, but man-oh-man that's a big push. These are the moments when one can't be afraid to ask for help...OR just hunker down and bust out some designs (ummmm, around one HUNDRED) like no other. That's why I'm gonna tune in to the song of the moment (see below) and leave you with this:
My friend, Jessica, inspires the red outta me. The sexy wild whisper of accessory that can adorn even the simplest of styles will excite and ignite. It's a hint. I named them the Vixen Reds. The pieces are vintage lucite plastic and I've added my sterling silver handmade ear wires in a smaller stretched hoop style.
Funny thing is, I don't really think of Jessica or me as a vixen in the literal sense of the word. We're more like sweet little red hopping bunnies. But one can't title hot red earrings as "hot bunny earrings"...it's an oxymoron that KILLS its product...a slow ugly slimy mucosal death. I want these products to be red-hot alive! So jump on this one with me for a moment and be on the lookout in the next few days for a new "vixen" (wink wink) red style listing on my website. If you're a true vixen you'll feel especially powerful in these sexies. ***Song of the moment: Boisa-bis-o-boisa, by Jens Lekman*** (sadly, this one's not for sale on itunes, but I am linking it to another site if you're interested. It's really good stuff.)
Group 7