that's one amazing window display.

In the real world, Betsy and I are safely back in Portland; we've been whacked with the wagging tail of an incredibly happy dog, and slipped easily back into the daily details of life in Portland.  In the blog world, we're still in the middle of a road trip, and we *promise* to tell you more about that SOOOOON, but this was TOO cool to not post about.  immediately. So you may have seen these bridge inspired cuffs in our store recently:


and they're even better on.


We're incredibly excited about them.  We've been working on them for months and it's been a true team effort here taking Betsy's designs from the sketch pad to the physical world.  We're all proud. Today, we got a new window display in honor of this new line.  We've built the St. John's bridge in our window out of hundreds of folded paper triangles floating in perfect bridge alignment.


every picture is better with a dog in it.


And when I say "we've built," I mean that Betsy and I had absolutely nothing to do with this masterpiece.  May I present Barrie, circa 9:30am this morning, calmly detangling a mass of fishing lines behind our checkout counter.


Barrie has nerves of steel. Or sterling silver. or something awesome.


We all watched slack-jawed as Barrie materialized this thing this morning and passers-by were taking photos within the first 5 minutes.  Barrie's been working on this display for months now, in preparation for the debut of the Bridge designs.  And it TOTALLY shows.


building the bridge.


The first ever horizontal bridge reflection...


St. John's Bridge at night.


***Song of the Moment: On the Sea, by Beach House***

Group 7