That New Jewelry Swagger.

One of my favorite parts of a betsy & iya new collection release? Figuring out ways to style the new jewelry! New accessories invite an infinite number of styling possibilities: mixing, matching, and combining. Oh yeah, this is the super fun part. For some You + Me, pt. 2 styling inspiration, I turned to who else but my lovely coworkers? Jo Hoops: an early staff favorite, these bold post earrings with their sexy use of negative space are available in brass or silver. For best results, put on your ears and secure with their earring backs and proceed with your life. No, seriously- these are virtually foolproof to style because they're wonderful alone or equally as stunning paired with a necklace. betsy & iya Jo hoopsThe Tassa necklace is a modern take on a classic bolo style. I love this necklace because it's just darn fun to wear. The cast bronze pendant can be adjusted depending on what you're wearing. ways to wear betsy & iya jewelry We love it left midway down with a breezy summer dress, as modeled by the lovely Emily above (who has also smartly paired it with our Alameda hoops, part of our Voyage Collection released in 2013). ways to style a bolo necklaceAnd we also love the pendant pushed all the way up to your neck with a collared shirt. #southwestvibes The Ela cuff and Nisi cuff: for those who love a stack, Y+M, pt. 2 has so many options for you that you might just end up with a nice little sleeve of jewelry. And we're totally okay with that ;-). These cuffs have endless styling possibilities, a few of which we've captured below by mixing both metals and the two styles. What more can you think of? ways to wear cuff bracelets Speaking of brass and silver together, "how to mix metals?" is a question we hear a lot in our shop, and the answer is shockingly simple: just do it. I'm definitely not trying to be sassy here; I'm just encouraging you to forget about the "can I/should I" voice and go for it. If the Ela & Nisi pairings above look too bold to start with, try something more subtle, like what we see Anna S. wearing on her wrist, below. betsy & iya bracelets Seen here: Ina ringMollia cuffMakou cuffEla cuff, and the Rakkaus necklace. Effortlessly chic, right? The Rakkaus necklace (below left) and Kanssa necklace: these two are like best friends. They're very similar with their cast bronze semi-circle pendants, yet each have several individual touches to set them apart. The Rakkaus uses snake chain and is 32" long, while the Kanssa uses hand-spun rope and is adjustable. Both make a simple tank look like a million bucks! ways to style a long necklace Because it's adjustable, the Kanssa necklace puts you in complete control. Pull the two brass-capped ends of Japanese thread to make the necklace shorter (below, left), and leave a sexy trail down your back while you're at it. To wear the necklace long, leave the rope all the way extended. Magic! long adjustable necklace Love the adjustable necklace look? Check out the Lumiko necklace, another piece from this collection that you can wear at a variety of lengths. All this inspiration is rad, but it leaves me with one question: how will YOU wear pieces from You + Me, pt. 2? Please share with us via social media by tagging @betsyandiya. Big shoutout to Anna S., Elizabeth, Emily, and Madeleine for being such fab models! xo Anna
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