New betsy & iya jewelry: You + Me, pt. 2!

Our latest collection of rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and cuffs is in-store and online now! Click here to view You + Me, pt. 2 in its entirety. This 19-piece collection is next level betsy & iya: you'll instantly notice more silver than ever before, as well as a shiny finish (more on this below) to several pieces that evokes classic sophistication. betsy & iya new jewelry While designing these pieces, Betsy was inspired by deep human connection, mature love, and the kind of long-term relationships that become second nature to the people involved. Several designs in Y+M, pt. 2 evoke this inspiration by appearing to fit together (see: the Nisi cuff and Ela cuff) and in their mixing of complimentary materials like hand-spun rope and cast bronze. As aforementioned - and as evident when you see the new pieces - the shiny finish is a huge standout characteristic of this collection. Just how do we achieve this look? Would you believe me if I told you it involves walnuts? Watch the video below to see Madeleine and Spencer load the Makou cuff into our vibratory tumbler with yep, crushed walnut shells as the polishing media. [video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video] The pieces take two trips in the tumbler with walnut shells of different sizes. The first trip to create a uniform polish on the pieces lasts about 1-3 hours, and the second, to really shine them up, is for 3-6 hours. So cool, right?! I had literally zero clue that this was even a thing. Clearly, I'm in the office and not production ;-). Thanks to my coworkers for always teaching me something and giving us insights into their processes. So, shine- check. What else is making us super excited about Y+M, pt. 2? Silver! silver betsy & iya jewelry The more silver you see in this collection is a direct result from what our peeps have been asking for in-store. Brass and bronze have been long-standing signature materials of b&i jewelry, with more 14k gold plating being introduced in the Unu collection. We've always offered a few silver options, but in this collection nearly all the pieces have a silver counterpart. It's really exciting to me that Betsy and production took into consideration our customers' desires when planning Y+M, pt. 2, and if you're one of those people who have been asking for more silver, come and get it! And now, please excuse us as we celebrate collection release day the only way we know how: TREATS! coco donut treats If there's anything more exciting than new jewelry and donuts, I haven't discovered it yet! And to be honest, I don't want to :-). You can shop the entire Y+M, pt. 2* collection online here and in our NW Thurman St. brick & mortar every day, 10am-6pm. *Wondering what the "pt. 2" is all about? Click here to view You + Me, pt. 1, the first chapter of this collection, that was released in January 2014. Peace, love, and new bling, Anna
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