betsy & iya Inti Collection Sisa Ring in Bronze

For centuries, turquoise and jasper have been valued both for their beauty and for their healing powers. The color name "turquoise" was in fact named after the stone and not the other way around - that's just how important this gemstone was. Jasper can be found all over the world. We are so excited to have Kingman turquoise and polished black jasper sourced from the western United States. Our stones are ethically mined (read more about that here!) and cut specially for this collection.

betsy & iya cima cuff with turquoise and jasper

Jasper comes in many colors and formations - you can find striped jasper and spotted jasper, green jasper, and red jasper, multicolored and white jasper. Kinda sounds like a Dr. Seuss poem, and that's only a handful of what's out there! Black Jasper, found in Oregon, is what we're using in the Inti Collection and is an especially protective variant of jasper. It's a very grounding stone, with a high capability for healing. It can stabilize and nurture, providing support to you in trying times or when you're facing confrontation. If you're used to meditating with stones and incorporating them into your spiritual practice, black jasper can help you connect to higher vibrations, and intensify your manifestation work.

Turquoise, too, is a protective stone, and very good for spiritual healing. Betsy was first introduced to Kingman turquoise while visiting Arizona as a little girl, and that's where we get the pieces for this collection. It was love at first sight back then and the stone's beauty and magic have never grown old. Turquoise promotes communication, both in the physical world and with the spiritual world. There is a proverb about turquoise: "Given by a loving hand, it brings with it happiness and good fortune." Whether you are giving or receiving it, it can help stimulate romantic love or clear up energy in platonic relationships. When used correctly, turquoise can help you explore past lives and reinforces the idea that every choice you make affects your future. Your fate is continually being determined, and with turquoise, you can open yourself up to increased problem-solving, creativity, and strength in your future endeavors. 

Wear these stones close to your heart and throat as an amulet, or keep them on your hands and wrist for a constant visual reminder of their protection. Whether they're in your earrings, rings, necklaces, or cuffs, these stones are here to guide and support you.

betsy & iya Inti Collection Bronze and Turquoise Inti Necklace