Simply Living.

First of all, dudes and sweeties, I'm so sorry I've neglected my blog this week.  Since we returned last week, I have been insanely trying to pull it all together.  I had mad wholesale orders to fill from the trip and on top of that, a new store in Portland placed their first order (I can now be seen on 23rd, and at a cool indie fashion store I've written about here before...Sloan boutique--wahoo!), and wildly large reorders (lookout for new items at Presents of Mind in the next few weeks).  Moreover, the emails are STILL piling up, I decided to actually HIRE my intern---this is a massive step for me AND I've got a wedding to plan.  YOWZA.  But as I've mentioned before...I love it all.
As promised before, here are some scenes from LA.  In this post, I've decided to focus on living simply.  Amanda is a close friend from college.  She has always loved minimalism.

la-empty-picture-frameI've never known her to hold on to things---completely unlike me.  With everything she does, she has just a few of what she needs and when it's time to move on, she lets go.  She found the above empty picture frame on the street one day and decided it would look great in her space with something in it.  Once she hung it, she decided it looked fine just the way it was.  I really like how she doesn't try to be all artsy and different with her space, it just happens.  There is truth in her art.


Even the food was minimal.  (No, not really...she did actually feed us very well)  This is just a pre-egg and potato shot.  But even THIS is so lovely, right?  A small amount of succulent sliced strawberries in tiny little side bowl thingys...perfect.


She was on her way out of LA; it's just not the city for her.  We wanted to visit her in LA before she left.  It was a wonderful, productive, lovely, and simple visit of old friends in a new place.  She brought her whole minimalist self with her when she came and lived big, fully, and simply--- and she's taking her whole self with her when she goes (and leaving the things she doesn't need behind). I admire it all.
(stay tuned for a new Five Senses Friday tomorrow...)
***Song of the Moment: Goodbye California, by Jolie Holland***
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