(idea comes straight from the amazing Abby over at her blog.)
Sight #1:

la-venice-path A perfectly imperfect path outside of a specially designed Venice home. Taste: Salty licorice fishes from Holland.  I used to hate these, now I'm hooked. (I'm preparing myself for an upcoming visit from my beautiful Dutch friend.) Sight #2 (and my favorite):


Three of my favorite things: an old rickety bike, Will's feet, and bright green grass in the Spring time.


Freshly sawed wood.  Will is building me a very high storage shelf in my tiny studio.  It's looking fantastic and cleaning up the space very well.  I also get a special handmade wooden ladder.  That boy never ceases to amaze me with all of his projects.  I'm such a lucky gal.

Sight #3:


In the same awesome space where the imperfect path lay, was this tall, strange geometric corner.  I couldn't leave without documenting it.  I truly dig odd corners.


Awhile back, I posted about a new (for me) music discovery, Bon Iver.  Well, I finally bought the album when in California.  The best part is that I didn't overplay it like I am inclined to do when I first buy a new album.  Instead, I forgot about it after the first few plays through, and just yesterday I remembered I had purchased a new album.  When I listened to it the whole way through, it was like I had just bought it the moment before.  Fresh, new, moving, just like the song I was drawn to, the entire album is big and raw and honest.  I highly recommend: For Emma, Forever Ago.

Sight #4:


...and an accomplishment.  I finally had a moment to add my old door number necklaces to my store.  When I first came up with these back in December, I couldn't keep them in the shop.  The moment I made one, I would sell it.  A few weeks back, I made a whole slew of them...as many old door numbers as I could find.  I just did not have the time to share them with the online world.  There are two available online now and I plan on adding more to the shop in the coming week.  Enjoy!

I plan on visiting with an old friend and actually taking a day off this weekend.  I hope you all have marvelous weekends, full of light and love.

***Song of the Moment: The Wolves (Act 1 & 2), by Bon Iver***

2 thoughts on Five Senses Friday: my favorite feet.


Just beautiful!
I love the way this design looks. :)

October 05 2016 at 09:10 PM

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor:

Love the old number necklace! The eight looks like the infinity sign when it is hung sideways like that. For me that would symbolize infinity success… something we all could use!

October 05 2016 at 09:10 PM

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