Shop Report: Will's Making Jewelry Now?

Am I seeing this right? Is the Boss-man really making jewelry!? Will Soldering Will making fire "Oh, it must be 'Opposite Day' at work," I thought to myself. But no, no, no. It turns out the whole production crew including Will is getting even more advanced with their soldering skills. Like I say, every day at betsy & iya we're getting bigger and better. The Proof is in the pudding: Wills ringWILL! Oh my goodness!!!! Will! You made a ring so now everyone will know your name. Perfy!


Matty and Alyssa have also been working on some sweet new pieces: Matty's snail This is Matty's snail, Snaily.


Nigel Livingston And this is Alyssa's giraffe, Nigel Livingston!


Alyssa's ring Alyssa's "Nicki Minaj" ring.


It's nice to know that if there were ever an emergency, like if all of productions hands were to suddenly vanish (huh?), that Will would be able to solder his little heart out. Better look out Betsy... the Boss-man might be trying to wedge his way into the design department....   Happy Thursday, friends!   Love, Barrie ***Song of the moment: Court the Storm by Y La Bamba***

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