Item of the Week: Gold Spine Earrings.

This week the Gold Spine earrings caught my eye and put me in a trance.


There's something alluring and mysterious about these earrings. Each brass piece acting like a vertebrae of some kind of being... a fish, maybe? An ancient fish swimming through the seas and dwelling in coral reefs only to be petrified and fossilized from an underwater volcano. Po I love the way they catch the light when they sway back and forth as you walk down the street. It's almost like they're dancing. When imagining what kind of outfit to pair with the Gold Spine's just one word came to mind: Disco. Sure, it may be because I've been listening to the Donna Summers station on Pandora lately, but you've got to admit that if you were about to hit the town and dance the night away you'd want these on your ears and this outfit on your body. Gold Spine Style board


Jumpsuit by Portland Garment Factory

Belt by ASOS

Metallic Leather Clutch by ANN-YA

Besso Sandals by Jimmy Choo

Gold Spine earrings by betsy & iya

Kacie ring by betsy & iya

Badlands ring by betsy & iya

Brooklyn Bridge cuff by betsy & iya

Can you tell I like black and gold? What could be more powerful than that? Mm, mm, MM!!! So good. And is it crazy of me to want TWO Brooklyn Bridge cuffs for this outfit? One on each wrist. Too much? (Never.)

Hope you all have been enjoying the Item of the Week posts. I love putting the boards together and creating little stories for you. Is there anything specific you'd like me to work on next? Leave a comment below and let me know!

'Til next time my sweet turtle doves,


***Song of the moment: Last Dance by Donna Summers***

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