Shop Report: Production Stays Clean.

Check out the new aprons Production got from local workwear company Hand-Eye Supply! new aprons If I didn't know any better I'd say it looks like these guys use heavy-duty power tools all day, chew tobacco, play with fire, and spit and stuff... Okay, well the power tools and fire parts are true, but let's be real, these guys couldn't stay serious for more than a few seconds.



new aprons at betsy & iya Now everything they need is right at their fingertips! (Can we all pay attention to the fact that Matt is wearing a fire fighter's helmet)



new aprons at betsy and iya

I am digging the new duds.

Don't be intimidated if you come into the shop and see these ultra cool jewelry makers at work just because they're wearing aprons. They are simply all too sweet and wonderful. But you've gotta admit these new threads are pretty. frickin'. cool... And they all look so professional!

Enjoy the weekend my free birds!



***Song of the moment: Working For The Weekend by Loverboy***

Group 7