Outfit of the Day: Amory Brings the Thunder.

KA-BOOM! Amory shows up with a bang in this stellar outfit! amory's thunder 3

Amory's thunder color spots

Mustard yellow jeans, hilarious belt buckle, and this rainbow and lightning sweater. I bow down to anyone who can rock that kind of top. She's really embracing this weird, predictably unpredictable Portland weather.

amory's thunder 2Amory's thunder Ka-pow! Ka-boom! Flash! Wow!amory's thunder 4 AND bowling shoes?!?! You gotta be kidding me! I need those right now! Amory, I admire the ferocity and energy you've surged into this outfit. Needless to say, if you walked into a bowling alley right now you'd be the finest lady of all the lanes.   May your Monday be struck with rainbows and blots of awesomeness. Love, Barrie   ***Song of the moment: Knock On Wood by Amii Stewart***
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