Shop Report: A Mini Aussie Melts Hearts.

It goes without saying that everyone here at betsy & iya LOVES dogs (case in point). Always and forever. So it was no suprise that when a gorgeous 13 week old puppy, named Kira, came into the shop last Sunday Kelly and I almost lost it with euphoria and elation. I'm going to faint this thing is so cute.


Have you ever pet a 13 week old Miniature Aussie Shepherd? It's like touching a cloud. I wanna make a coat out of that.... What, PETA? I didn't say anything.... And those eyes. My God. They could give you chills on a 100 degree day!

Kira the mini Aussie Shepherd at betsy & iya

And I'm not joking when I tell you that Kelly actually teared up a little bit from the adorableness of this little wonder.

Kira the Mini Aussie Shepherd at betsy & iya

Kira, come back to me! Please! You were too soft and amazing to only be in my life for a mere three minutes. Sigh. If destiny favors me our paths shall cross again. In the mean time this encounter has convinced me that much more that we should double this business as a kick-ass jewelry company/puppy daycare center. Let's see if the bosses go for it. *Fingers crossed*   'Til next time! Puppylove, Barrie   ***Song of the moment: Winter Wooskie by Belle and Sebastian***
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