Self Portrait Study on an Airplane.

Lately, I've been doing a lot of self reflection. They say it happens in one's 30s. I think it's because we've been go go going for so long that it's inevitable I would crave moments of quiet and stillness. betsy self portrait study 2 betsy self portrait study betsy self portrait study 4 betsy self portrait study 3 I've told you my inclination to design/create/dream when I'm moving, whether it be by car, plane, or train. It's because those are the places wherein I'm actually forced to stop. That's when all the ideas pour in. My favorite collection, Bridge, was born out of our road trips. I've choreographed dances in my plane seat, dreamed up funny videos, written love letters. In these slow moments, I find play and comfort. I reflect on what it really means to live. All the good stuff comes to me when I find that necessary space. There is a real peace in that place, a deep gratitude. I attempted to capture that here. To finding your own stillness, embracing it, and discovering the goodness that arrives from there. Love ~ betsy ***Song of the Moment: Do What You Gotta Do, by Nina Simone***
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