Shop Happenings: Leather Bangle Madness!

In case you didn't already know:  We ♥ the heck out of our fans! Enter--->>> Marisa, who happened to have the day off last Friday.  As she was perusing our Facebook page, she came across this fancy photo:

Look familiar? It was posted on Friday around noon.  And not two hours before that had these beautiful little babies ever existed! Betsy, the genius that she is, decided to make some and bring them to the San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair (post to come later in the week).  But here comes Marisa rushing in around 1pm on a MISSION.  She saw the picture on FB and had to have them... Let me reiterate, we JUST made these!  It's like Cookie Monster smelling a freshly baked batch of cookies from 100 miles away---gotta have one.

Well, Marisa, ask and you shall receive. Luckily, sweet Alyssa was there to save the day.  She whipped one up and brought the biggest smile to Marisa's face. Check this out:


Look at her! Brilliance!


Teal and red combo: LOVELOVELOVE"


No Marisa, thank YOU!Marisa says thank youI


know what you all are thinking, "I need them now!" Worry not, sweet darlings!  If you're in Portland, come by the shop and check them out!  Otherwise, they will definitely be on the site soon; until then, patience is a virtue (but we understand if you're doing a little anxious dance in your seat right now). Marisa, it's people like you that only make us work harder to do what we already love doing so much, so thank you for being so beautiful and amazing! Keep enjoying the rest of your weeks, everyone, and keep an eye out for some leather bangles---popin' up in the shop SOON. ♥, Barrie ***Song of the moment: Desire Lines, by Deerhunter***

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