Item of the Week: the Girding Element Necklace

OKAY GUYS. Get excited because the new "Item of the Week" post should prove to be absolutely, positively your favorite post yet! As Barrie and I were brainstorming about ideas for the blog, we discussed how endlessly fascinated and curious we are about Betsy and her crazy/beautiful mind -- We love to know what makes her tick! And we're guessing you guys do too! I am often asked what the inspiration or meaning is behind her jewelry.  This new series of posts will give us all a peek inside her design process and inspiration as we discover (and/or fall in love with all over again) a piece of jewelry that we are obsessed with at the moment. #3,243 why I love our jewelry is that there are so many ways to wear and interpret it! For this reason, we will create a sexy, yet effortless outfit that compliments the jewelry and an inspiration board to match! So without further ado let's take a look at the inspiration board, outfit, and talk to Betsy about the new Girding Element Necklace from her latest and greatest Bridge Collection. Item of the Week: Girding Element Necklace

-- All photos gathered from our Pinterest --

Kelly: So, the Girding Element necklace is from the new betsy & iya Bridges Collection. First, let's talk about the Collection as a whole -- where did your inspiration come from?
Betsy: Will and I have driven across the country 3 times now on the hunt for new things:  landscapes, food, independent shops, the amazing folks behind them, accounts to carry b&i, interesting products, experiences, a love rejuvenation (you know, sometimes you just need to get away with yo' man).  At the beginning of every journey, we both sigh and admit how nice it is to just be nowhere but sitting next to each other on a hopeful journey across the country---for business, for growth, for experience, for love. Often times we feel like we're go, go, GOING, so taking a long drive can be quite the release.  Those kinds of times are when I discover my best ideas. This particular time, it was relief from the busy life paired with a genuine absorption of those things we were passing by...beautiful things I had never seen before.  Different roads, different towns (little ones and big ones), different mountains, different people, and yes, different bridges---were all a part of it.  I am enamored with the architecture.  I am enchanted by the idea of something so strong and beautiful joining two things together.  Bridge.
K: Now for the necklace as a stand-alone piece -- what is the inspiration and story behind this piece?
Betsy:good friend of mine once said, we are all constantly taking in new information, seeing new ideas, listening.  Oftentimes, we don't even know how these things manifest themselves in our own lives.  But as designers, there's no question that all of those things inspire us and come through us maybe without us even realizing it--into a real, tangible thing.  I think that idea is so true in this particular design.  With the whole Bridge collection, I was playing with the idea of travel, suspension, two things finally having the means to meet.  This design is a manifestation of all of those things.
K: What three words describe the Girding Element?
Betsy: Unexpected.  Sexy.  Battle Star Galactica.  (Can that last one count as ONE word, pretty please!?)
K: What occasion is this necklace perfect for?
Betsy: I think this necklace can transform an otherwise eh-eh outfit.  I would pair it with something simple, neutral, classic, feminine and wear it on my day off (ALL DAY LONG)----to my favorite coffee shop, my favorite park, somewhere freely dancing, my favorite dinner spot, and dancing it out one last time.

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What would you wear with the Girding Element Necklace? Where would you go? Comment below with your ideas! ***Song of the Moment: Enter Galactic, by Kid Cudi***

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