SF: Two Days in Color.

Day #1


Mere hours after we stepped off the Coast Starlight Express, we had to be at our first appointment.  We checked into our hotel room, turned it into a tornado of things, and ran out with our 15 minute cute fresh selves and a massive bag o’ jewelry.  Luckily we had time enough to wake up on some good coffee on Haight at People’s Café, before we ventured over to our first destination.



necessary addictionnecessary addiction


Offbeat on Haight was chock full of awesome indie designers’ wares, including the owner’s and manager’s designs, with whom we spoke.  It was a creative mecca, all products so well organized and beautifully displayed.  You can imagine, I was almost geekily excited when the amazing owner wanted to order my things.  We got through it and even made a special custom order for the funky, wild awesome clerk behind the counter. After that, W and I were so jazzed and pooped, that we just walked around Haight-Ashbury, holding hands whilst ogling the awesome colors, shoes, down-and-outers, drinking more coffee and eating the most delicious burritos with a beer at El Balazo until we couldn’t take any more in.



day well spentday well spent

sfmeandthebay(me in an old OOTD---when in doubt...go back to the surefire winners)

We passed by the hotel to drop off the 1000 pound bag of jewelry before we headed down to the wharf for a celebratory dinner.  (Wait, have I mentioned yet that it is not my two hands that carried my jewelry all around SF and back again?  No, no, my friends.  It was ALL W’s.  I take this moment now to gush about him:  Will is the awesomest.  Hands down, my favorite…and not just b/c he carries my jewelry all day long.)


We ended the sweet day with a sweet dinner right on the sparkly red water with the sun going down.



To be Continued: follow me to get the next dish. (and I'll tell you what the REAL celebration was about in the next post.  see if you can't figure it out.  there are clues in here...(hehehehe)) ***Song of the Moment: Fade into You, by Mazzy Star***
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