On track.

Will and I are about to go on a long long train ride to LA with a couple day stop in SF.  We are trying to pick up a few more sweet boutiques for b & i and also (more importantly), visit old friends.  I am SO. EXCITED. We leave Thursday and I plan on documenting our adventure and giving you updates whenever I possibly can.


Georgetown at duskGeorgetown at dusk


(This is a teaser picture taken from my last On the Roader.  Lookout for more from the tracks.) In the meantime, I am working like a wacky wild woman to get the studio in shape and all possible orders out, before I leave.  It's calloused-hands time again, friends.  And I LOVE IT.  Though I'm not sure seeing the sun on both ends, with jewelry tools still in hand, is the most healthy thing in the world.  I'll be glad to take things a  little slower in the coming days. BTW, thank you all so much for your wonderful 1st anniversary wishes!   It means so much to me. ***Song of the Moment: Xylophone Track, by the Magnetic Fields***

Group 7