RT2011, Days 18-19: LA is where the heart is (who knew?)

A brief pre-script: Our current sale is on until we hit 2,500 fans on Facebook, a milestone we're 16 fans away from!  Here's the discount code, good for $20 off your next order.  But hurry!  We'll hit 2,500 fans any day now! And now, to the post... We had some pretty deluxe accommodations in Los Angeles, and a pretty deluxe set of plans.  Our friends were getting married.  And we would spend the weekend in the Hollywood hills. 


It doesn't look like a lot of traffic, but it sure felt that way.


Perhaps it's borderline heresy for a fashion company to post this on their blog, but we... don't really like... LA.  But we LOVED our weekend here. 


Will in the Hills. A hill Will.


Despite how much we're totally in love with each other, our lovely dog, and our life, we'd been on the road and away from the comfort of familiar people and places for a long time at this point.  Cracking that first beer, hugging that first hug, laughing that first laugh in LA was incredibly rejuvenating.


The feast that awaited us in LA. Um... AMAZING.


We call this baby doggy.


A weekend and a tied knot later (and with a newfound fondness for the place), we bid adios to LA and began the final leg of our northward trip home.


The wedding was held at a converted smog check building. Notice how Betsy's eyes and lips match the sign perfectly???


Jerome and Shannon in wood on pie.


HAPPY WEEKEND, EVERYBODY!!! ***Song of the Moment: Special Rider Blues, by Blue Mountain***

Group 7