RT2011, Day 9: Memphis in 2 hours.

We rolled into Memphis just before lunchtime and were greeted with the sweetest storefront:  Hoot + Louise.  It couldn't have been a better break from our trip to Austin from Nashville. What's more?  It's owner, Anna, couldn't be more charming (...and gorgeous, and kind, and humble).  There needs to be more of her in the world. Anna named the shop after her grandmother, who's name is Louise and nickname is Hoot.  Isn't that wonderful!? I have a real soft spot for the name Louise, my great grandmother's name was Louise and one of my best friends of forever's name is Louise.  It's such a grounded name to me--- soft, kind, loving, and graceful.  If I have ever have a baby girl... She picked some of my current favorite pieces from the line; including, the Spotty Triangle necklace.  Expect a fine collection in her shop in the next few weeks.


I got the sense that if we lived in the same town, we'd be fast friends.  After she shopped the jewelry, the only thing that could pull us out of there was our rumbling tummies and the desire not to arrive in Austin in the dark and quiet hours past midnight.   She directed us to the legendary Arcade restaurant, where we filled up on old school milkshakes and real deal ham sandwiches, and we were on our way. This road trip continues to warm our hearts. I hope yours are feeling warm and cozy today. xo~betsy ***Song of the Moment: Someone Great, by LCD Soundsystem***

Group 7