RT2011, Day 8: Unexpected Delights!

We had a meeting lined up today with MODA Boutique, a house turned shop in what felt like the Alberta district of Nashville. We showed up a bit early, so stylist Clare sent us across a patio to Frothy Monkey for a reliably rad cup of coffee. Indeed, it was. 


Is it weird to start a post with a picture of a cute trashcan?


We came back and spread our trays of necklaces and earrings out on a couch near the dressing rooms and chatted with Clare. What happened next happens frequently, but it's always a delight. Clare started getting excited about the jewelry before Meredith arrived. Meredith popped in, we wrote an order, and got a recommendation for lunch. 


the lovely MODA Boutique in a converted house.


Even housier!


LOVED the chipped paint and the old columns inside!


We headed over to Burger Up down the street for a lunch bite. 


Burger Up and Beer Up.


Here, we chatted with our waitress, an aspiring singer, about our work and hers. We swapped music recommendations. Having not heard the Adele album ourselves, she sang a few bars quietly for us tableside. Such a lovely voice. A perfect meal. 


Try not to be jealous.


Oh, did I mention the FOOD?! We got the truffled fries with the slider trio: Benton's bacon, Tennessee sweetwater white cheddar, jack daniels maple ketchup. Wilted arugula, peppermint dijon, boursin cheese. Cremini, gruyere, balsamic bbq sauce. Topped it all off with a local beer, Yazoo. Amazing.


Me at Burger Up. Seriously, I was WAY happier than this. I was practicing my serious face.


A HUGE PS! As I typed this, we got an order from Gin-O Boutique in Franklin, TN! That makes TWELVE new wholesale accounts in this trip! ***Song of the Moment: The Color, by Yellowbirds***

Group 7