This is probably not a big deal to folks like professional truckers, but I'm really proud to have bathroom-ed in close to 4,000 miles of our fair country (yes, I've just created a new verb: to bathroom.  I bathroom, you bathroom, he/she/it bathrooms...).  Here are some of my favorites from the road. 


Dear rich people, Why do you buy these silly things?


Yes, that's a fly paper strip in the corner. A country fly paper strip.


Our friend Courtney's bathroom from Kelly & Olive. So calming.


Mom's cute green chair. Perfect for magazines!


A repurposed sideboard at W's mom's!


it's hand washing fun for EVERYONE!


I wish I'd taken more bathroom pics, but sometimes you get a few weird looks taking your camera into restrooms.  OMG, and then yesterday, we walked by the most AMAZING tubs in Georgetown.  You guys.  I've never wanted to spend $10,000 on a large bowl more in my life! Oh bathrooms... you're so great. ***Song of the moment: Heaven and Earth, by Blitzen Trapper***